söndag 9 maj 2010

On The Road Again

So, I have now left Åre for the season and I've spent the weekend in Umeå doing some clubbin with the Random Bastards and my Cuz and friends.

Today, me and Kire packed the car and headed out on the roads on our way to Folgefonna, Norway.
We made a stop in Borlänge for a few hours of sleep in the Beyer's family resident, but tomorrow we'll be heading out on the roads again. Shitty ass norwegian roads that is. Not superstoked about that I must say, but i will hopefully feel better as soon as we're there.

Oh, my telephone is starting to fall apart and the cameraphone isn't working as it should so that's why It's been kinda slow with the updating these last couple of days. I will try to fix it in some way in the near future so that I can do some updating from Fonna.

This picture is actually from last years trip to Fonna. But this is what it's probably gonna look like when we're headin out on the roads tomorrow.
On the road, again
Some nice scenery awaits us at least.

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