torsdag 27 maj 2010

Pow Again

When I got to the slopes this morning I got a nice little suprise.
During the night more fresh snow has decided to land all over the mountain. YES!!

So today we've been shredding in even more fresh snow than the day before in beautiful sunshine.
I problably had one of the best powder days during the whole season today. In the end of may.

I will try to make a edit out of it as soon as possible, but the sun makes you sooo tired in the afternoon so I have no energy what so ever.
But as soon I find some superhuman strenght or discovers that the days has 30hours instead of 24 I will make a new edit for all of you!

Stay tuned!
Got to the slopes at 09.00! Yes! More snow.
Winter all over again
The box almost buried under the snow
Kire in a nice powder slash
A day like today gets two BIG thumbs up from me and Beyer
Chilling down in the harbor after a nice day in the snow.
Jocke Rass looks like a small child playing with my wideangle lens!

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  1. Good stuff! SemesterJoel ser ut att må prima han med ha ha


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