torsdag 24 juni 2010

Another Fonna Update

Okey. These last couple of days has been pretty hectic but superfunny and very productive.

We've moved from one house to another and the internet connection hasn't been the best but now I'm up and running again.

The Ducksjen Crew have been here again and this time we've been really lucky and been getting some shot basically every day.

Instead of writing something more I just hit you up with some shitload off pictures.

Stay crunked!

The weather has been really great this last week, and as usual Fonna deliver some sick scenery and crazy cloudformations.
As you can see, epic scenery...?

The clouds went very high up the mountain that day, but about 10 minutes later it all disappeared, which created one off the dopest timelapses I ever filmed.

Kire checkin out BC Kicker #1
The first one was a corner type off jump with a epic backdrop.
Alexander Östereng threw down some BANGIN trick I must say.
From BC Kicker #2 I only got this picture from a sweet sunset session
Another spot, rock-wallride to gapjump.
If you look really close at the picture you can see BC Kicker #3
Östereng and Kire getting Hammers!
This is the view that we wake up to every morning at our new house.
We also got ourself a house pet. How sick is that!?
Tonight we repainted the cafeteria at the skicenter. Not the biggest surprise it would end up this way. Klas Beyer, what more can you say!?
Johan showing off his gunners and massive backmuscles. Damn boi.. Don't wanna get in to a fight with him..

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