lördag 5 juni 2010

Triple Treat

Today was a pretty AWSM day here at Fonna.

First I took some laps in the park together with Sigbjörn Tveit. That dude rides with TRIPLE XL gears and TRIPLE XL style all day everyday!

Then Field Productions had a shoot at former Nike 6.0 kicker, now re-built by the allmighty Emil Mushroom Fossheim.
My other JOSS team member Alexander Aurdal showed up for the shoot with some other skier dudes plus Torstein Horgmo.

That leads us to the second triple of the day. Horgmo just stomped the worlds first TRIPLE CORK. So impressive!
And YES, I've got it on tape! Stoked on that.

After that, me Kire, Petter Kristianssen and some DC riders went up on the mountain for a sweet sunsetsession on the polejam to gap-thing that we built yesterday. TRIPLE EPICNESS went down.

STOKED on that! Best day here in Fonna by far!
This is we're the shit went down today. TRIPLE CORK MotherF'er!
But first I went for some laps with Sig "Sig-Murdah" Tveit
Horgmo gave some props to the Mushroom Crew for a nice jump and a sweet park. Yeah!
The mastermind behind all the awsome thing here in Fonna
Emil with his spraypainted lips hangin out together with Alexander Aurdal and Anders Backe
Johan and Emil pimpin out the kicker with some new shrooms while Torstein finetuning the kicker
While the skiers was hitting the jump we went up on the top off the mountain for a sweet session on our own
EPIC sunset!

Then we rounded up the day with a well deserved beer at the local pub on our way home.

Today was REALLY a good day!

Signin out.

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