torsdag 3 juni 2010

Taking care of business

These past couple off days I've been trying to get my shit together a little bit.
Since I've been filming for like five different snowboardfilmcompanies this winter I have a bunch off clips to sort out and send away to different parts off Europe.

But now I'm almost up to date. Just got a few shots to send to the EuroGap Crew and all the Ducksjen material I will take care off when they meet up here in Fonna later on.

Feels really good I must say. Now I can focus on makin new sweet edits full on again!
A nice little bunch off DVD's
3 for Pirates, 3 for Nitro Europe and 7 for Nitro Sweden.
I also discovered that I own nothing less than 4(!) security tokens. I think I've lost them and then goes to the bank to pick up a new one for 250 SEK each. Then they shows up again.
Not all just business. Also got some time to drink a few beers the other night. First time in more than three weeks. Was almost going for a new personal record there.
Just chillaxin in the sun
Chrille P shows up his homemade pimped out baseball bat.
Oh yeah, and tonight we had a nice little session down at the camping kickin some ball and hangin out by the skateboardramps. I must say I kinda like spending time here..

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