måndag 28 juni 2010

Last days

The time has come for me to pack my bags and leave Fonna.

I was planing on staying for one or maybe two weeks, but here we are 7 weeks later and I'm still here.

I've had a killer time here and I would love to stick around for a bit longer, but the weatherforcast for the coming days doesn't look that promising and I guess I gotta get my ass home to start making some money on a "real" job someday too.

I've had a nice day yesterday filmning a competition where Emil Fossheim ended up in third place after Odd Soleröd and Julius Braathen Ødegaard.
After that we had another sunsetsession on the Mushroom kicker and then a polebonk-kind of thing together with the Head team.

Got some pretty dope footage and I'm looking forward towards editing some more short videos of these last days of filming.

But tomorrow I'm officialy leaving Fonna.

Not going home quite yet though. First a quick stop in Borlänge for the Peace And Love Festival.

Looking forward on spending some time with my good old uncle cuz Djuun Byrström and watching Jay Hova, Brother Ali, Vitalic and more..

Screencaptures from yesterdays session will round up this post.

Mushroom-Man Fossheim Fossheim looking stoked about the kicker that he have built.

Emil Flossy Flippin!

Julius looking pretty satisfied with 10.000 NOK in his hands.

Then it was time for sunsesession number two

Just in case you've forgot about where the place to be is!

Snowmobile towing, ain't no hiking going on here.

Johan stretchin out one of his patent pending BS 180's

Here he's nosebonking the pole with a Frontside 3.


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