söndag 6 juni 2010

Kire kickin it

Today Kire alongside with Petter Kristianssen, Simon Fossheim and some DC riders were also allowed to hit the big kicker.

Petter Kristianssen stomped some crazy ass spin trick, so I guess that Kire felt the pressure to also step the game up now when he got to play with the big boys.

I must say I'm super impressed by his riding today. Unfortunately he didn't manage to land anything and ended the session in a big pile off blood after a landing straight on his face.

Hopefully his nose feels better tomorrow so we can hit it again!

Screen capture from todays session. Kire going HUGE!
The kicker looking pretty smooth after Emil fixed it. The backdrop and weather is also epic!
Me working up some sweat behind the camera to find the best possible angle while I'm also working on my tan!
Session ended with a bloody nose for Kire. Hopefully nothing is broken.
Petter looking stoked after a good session. Kire Semi-stoked and Simon doesn't look stoked att all after a couple off hard knucklelandings.

Lesson of the day: Don't land on your nose!

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