lördag 26 juni 2010


Today at Fonna was a pretty awsome day.

It started off kinda slow with some bad weather in the morning. But in the afternoon the sun started the come out and we went on a small backcountrymisson which turned out really well.

Later that evening we teamed up with Head Snowboards and NEXT Productions for a nightshoot at a kicker that was just made by the allmighty Mushroom Man Emil Fossheim.

It turned out really good and Viktor Wiberg and Kire got some smooth sunsetshots. Hopefully we will be able to hit it again tomorrow night.

Here's some pics and screenshots from todays sessions.
Wiberg throwing some rocks down the mountain. Maybe the greatest thing that happened today. Superfun!
Oh, what a handsome face!

Odd Fellow Soleröd tweaking out some steezy BS 180 on the stepdown BC Kicker.
Oh yeah! Wiberg getting those shots!
Kire hangin out a huge FS 5 with his hat in his left hand.
Head teamrider Christopher Schmidt hangin out a BS 180.

That is one fine looking sunset right there!

Signing out.

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