torsdag 17 juni 2010


Just received the news that swedish tv-chanel ZTV are being shut down for good.

ZTV was the "youth-chanel" when I grew up I've spent a lot of hours watching programs such as Edge TV, Ventil, Wimans, Pyjamas, Crossfade and much more.

These last couple of years I have barley watched it. Don't even know if someone did since it wasn't included in the standard TV offerings. But some nice programs have been delivered on the very last end also such as La Vida Locash and Mamma, det är en Kändis i Köket.

But the program that I think about the most when it comes to ZTV are of course Edge TV.

Edge was a weekly based program containing skateboarding, snowboarding and other "extreme-sports" that was really rare to see on swedish television at that time. As a matter off fact, it's still that way!
Since Edge TV was cancelled, not one single program have showed any qualityproduced skateboarding/snowboarding.

SVT's lame programs S-special, Richter and other programs not included in this. Even though I thought they we're dope at that time..

But still. I would say that Edge TV is one of the main reasons I've gotten in to this whole skateboard/snowboard, film your friends kind of business. So thank you Edge TV for that. And thank you ZTV!

Here's some different clips from a few of the programs aired on ZTV this past decade.

Edge TV - Pöbelfilm

Edge TV - Brevfilm

Palle from the Pöbelfims movies later on got a job at ZTV and the show
Wimans where he created chaos on a regular basis.

Pyjamas - Peter Magnusson and David Helenius when they still were funny.

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  1. Edge brevfilm är bara för mycket, klubban som roterar, haha!


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