söndag 11 april 2010

JOSS Day 7

After last days disappointment with no shots at all, today was a big improvement!

We went back up to the step over kicker in Solravinen at 11 o clock and DAMN that was a good session!
First ever tricks was thrown down almost wherever you looked.

All off our teamriders ended up with shots from that session. Stoked!

Then we went down to Max for probably like the 10th time this past week to gear up with another JOSS-Meal, then straight back up to the JOI-kicker right next to the VM6-lift.

The light was EPIC but most of the riders was really tired from the first session so it was a pretty mellow session but we managed to end up with some smooth hangglider shots in the end. Big ups to Pål for operating the hangglider. Hope to get some more help out of him these following days aswell.

Hampus Mosesson looking at the shots from EuroGap filmer Jakku's camera.
My angle on the step over kicker
Alexander Aurdal after a good session
Team Norway gettin shots!
Emil Fossheim stopped by and showed his awesome tan after a hard day of shaping. You can't really tell from the picture, but he is RED! Really really RED!

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