fredag 9 april 2010

JOSS Day 5

Today has been pretty similar to these last two days.

We started off late in the afternoon again because of last nights late session and went to shoot some more urban stuff.

We managed to hit two different features and I must say that both of them turned out great.
Except for the fact that I fucked up the shot where Andreas stomped the shit out of his trick. I cut his head off.
Probably the worst thing you could do as a cinematographer... Bummer!

Luckily our other filmer Andreas got the shot so It all turned out great in the end but my misstake will NOT happen again!

We also made it back home a lot earlier today. The clock has only turned 04.00 in the morning as I'm writing this. YEAH!

Can't really show you any pics from today since I don't wanna give anything away for the up and coming JOSS Awards.

So everyone who will be in Åre next weekend. Make sure to swing by at Mix Megapol Arena on Saturday at 20.00 where all the teams movies will be shown on the big screen!

Here's some pics from the Supersession page.

Photographer Thomas Kleiven from last years winning team Norway showed up today and documented our urban mission.
Emil and Simon Fossheim are responsible for the shaping ot the features on this years event. Emil is also the guy who gave me the opportunity to join Team Norway as their filmer so a double big up to him!

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