lördag 10 april 2010

JOSS Day 6

Today we went up the top of Åreskutan where the sleds took us the last way to solravinen and the Step Over Kicker.

The session started off with unsteady weather and clouds coming and going but after a while the conditions were epic.

Too bad the jump didn't work out quite as the riders wanted. The speed was a little bit slow and the landing was hard and icy.
Hopefully things will be better tomorrow when we will give it another try.

Here's a few pics
Met Hampus Mosesson at the top as we waited for the sleds. He was planing on hitting the kicker but didn't. Maybe tomorrow.
Fog and clouds was sweeping over the place in the beginning of the session.
But after the heli flew around a little bit and messed with the clouds the sun could finally come out for real.
Paul, our secret weapon for tomorrow.

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