lördag 10 april 2010

Second Hands Golden Air Edit

I just realized that I've forgot to post this edit that I made from the Winter Weekend in Tandådalen about two weeks ago.

I was having a hard time filming the competition since it was poring down rain during the whole event.
A soon as the price ceremony was over, the rain also stopped.

Luckily I managed to get some nice shots during the day when the sun was shining.

Thanks to Adam Falk for helping me with some additional footage.
Also check out SecondHands and keep an eye out for their up and coming projects.

Check it out here:

SGA 2010 from Secondhands on Vimeo.

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  1. bra jobb kuske! diggar shotet (01.17) när han landar och hamnar mellan huvudena på publiken som står i förgrunden! keep it up!


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