måndag 5 april 2010

Red Bull Homerun

These last few days have been pretty hectic here in Åre.
Bluebird saturday and sunday which meant intense filming.

Yesterday I was hired by Red Bull for shooting their event Red Bull Homerun.
A race from the top of the mountain down to the afterski.
Here's the teaser for the event

Alpine ski racer Hans Olsson won the skiers class and my homeboy Erik Nyllet Nylander won the snowboarding class.

I will post the full length movie from the event when it's ready. Not sure when it's going to be, since i'm not the one doing the editing.

The fastest snowboarder in Åre

Photo by Niklas Dahlquist

Read more about the event here or check out yesterdays Sporspegeln at SVT Play Scroll to about 25 minutes in to the program.

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