tisdag 27 april 2010

Bo Hansson

Last week the great MC off famous Gang Starr past away after a long time off sickness.

And today another great musician swedish Hansson unfortunately past away.

Read the short article here

Bo Hansson was a kick as musician that made instrumental arrangements off The Lord Off The Rings trilogy among other things.
His work has been sampled by tons off Hiphopartists and I've spent a lot off time back in the days listening to his music.

Here's probably his most sampled track "Utflykt Med Förvecklingar" or "Excursion with complications" that has been used in following tracks:
Fattaru - Babylon
Dr Dooom - Leave me alone (Peanutbutter Wolf-remix)
Fat Joe - Damn
Cormega - Thin Line
Atmoshpere - The arrival
It has also been used by my homeboy Johnny "Fidelity Entertainment" Holmgren for a track on Tony Komas latest Album Prelude.
Listen to the track "The Prophet" on his myspace

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