lördag 17 april 2010


On thursday the annual Jon Olsson Invitational Competition was held here in Åre.

Our team member, or actually you could call him our team captain Andreas Håtveit did his thing and won the whole comp.
Congrats to him.
After that we headed straight back home to our apartment to start the editing.

About 20 hours later we handed it in. Not much sleep these past two days I must say but now it feels great.

The JOSS awards will be held tonight (saturday) at Mix Megapol Arena. Really looking forward towards looking at the other teams edits. It will for sure be some sick stuff in there.

All the teams have a great chance of winning I must say, so I really don't have any expectations on the evening. But hopefully we will place well and I'm sure that we'll have a great night!


Here's the Video from JOI!

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