onsdag 14 april 2010

JoSS Day 10

The days just keeps running by an soon this whole thing will be over.
We haven't even begun with the editing yet. But at least we have put all the clips together and we're lucky enough to get to borrow Byssa's 27" iMac to edit the movie on. Big up to him for lending us his mean machine!

Can't wait to get started!

Tomorrow the Jon Olsson Invitational Competion will be held at 19.00. After that, we will head straight back to our apartement and probably stay up all the time that's left until deadline at 18.00 on friday afternoon. Gonna be some pretty tight and hectic days now I guess.

No clip of the week will be delivered this week, hope that you're OK with that.
Hopefully I will bring you two edits next week when this JOSS thing is over..

By the way. You can watch the JOI contest live on the web tomorrow at the JOSS page.

Here's some pics from that site that I stole from the loving photographer Thomas Kleiven
Andreas Håtveit from todays JOI practice
Sig Tveit showing off his new steeze
Tveit himself claims that he looks like sid from Ice Age on this picture
I wouldn't argue with him on that one..
Nighttime chillin
Håtveit backflippin. Just like that!

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