tisdag 13 april 2010

JoSS Day 9

Today we hit the jib garden again and Alexander got revenge on the haystacks! Booyah!

Then in the evening when all the other teams went on the annual rock party at Bygget we decided to go hit a wooden rail up in Björnen instead. Maybe not the best desicion we made this past week..

Check out this article on norwegian magazine Fri Flyt's webpage.

It's about the other filmer on our team Andreas Johannessen. There's also some smooth pictures in there from tonights session.
When we came home from the session, the article and the pictures was allready published on the web

Good work by Mr. Kleiven I must say!

Read the Fri Flyt article HERE
We gave the haystacks another try. Alexander Aurdal is THE MAN!
Sig Tveit hiking that rail
Me and Andreas looking at the shots. I'm looking kind of sceptical..

Last two photos by Thomas Kleiven

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